Five people in matching navy blue outfits pose together, smiling, in a pristine white dental clinic. Four women and one man are included in the group.

Happy Vibes.

Healthy Smiles.

Pediatric Dentist & Orthodontist in Middletown, NJ

A woman and two young children walk down a hallway decorated with leaf-themed artwork, heading toward the dentist's office.

Welcome to our Ohana!

You’ll love it here! Enjoy a happy, welcoming, individualized, and good-vibes only place where your family becomes our family.


From a cool and chic space to an abundance of happy vibes, we keep it light and fun for patients of all ages. And for those without insurance, we offer a discount savings plan with Penny’s Surf Club.

Two people in matching navy attire, one sitting on a countertop and the other leaning against it, in a bright, modern interior resembling a dentist's office with pendant lights overhead.

Bringing smiles to life

“I want every person to feel like they belong here. I love getting to know my patients and their unique selves so I can set them up for success. My goal is to get you smiling, laughing, and wanting to come back.”

Dr. Kristianne
A woman kneels and hands a yellow balloon to a toddler, while another woman and a child holding balloons stand nearby in the brightly lit hallway of a dentist office.

Specialized personal care

We specialize in pediatric dental care for the little ones and orthodontic treatments for the whole family – including Invisalign and Traditional Braces.

A woman holding a baby smiles at another woman in medical attire, who is also smiling, inside a bright indoor setting with wooden panel accents. The scene exudes warmth and joy, suggesting a friendly interaction perhaps at a dental clinic.

“amazing vibes

The office is absolutely gorgeous inside and has amazing vibes. The workers there are super nice and funny. Very welcoming environment! All around 10/10!!!

morgan h.
Four hands wearing wristbands making a "shaka" sign with thumbs and pinkies extended, raised in front of a wall at the local dentist’s office.

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Enjoy a Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation for anyone 7+.

Call 732-639-0011 or request an appointment online to set up your first visit. We’ll be in touch soon.