Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Personalized care for every child from infants to teens.


(Teeth Cleaning)

We provide routine check-ups and cleanings from infancy to teenage years! Your child will experience a fun and friendly environment while getting their teeth gently and thoroughly cleaned. During these visits, we evaluate brushing techniques and dietary habits and create a personalized plan to coach you and your child to improve their oral health and prevent cavities.

Dental Sealants

Food, especially sticky and starchy ones, easily get trapped in the crevices of our teeth and if left long enough can allow cavities to form. Sealants are a protective layer that is placed in these grooves and is a super easy and effective way to prevent cavities during childhood years!

Tooth Colored Fillings

Dental materials are always improving, and we offer the latest and greatest white filling material for your kid’s teeth. Depending on individual needs, we offer various options for tooth-colored fillings - bioactive, BPA-free, and fluoride-releasing.

Zirconia or White Crowns

Sometimes a cavity is too big to place a filling and a crown may be needed. While stainless steel crowns are the gold standard in pediatric dentistry, technology has come a long way to provide a durable, yet esthetic alternative. We offer white zirconia crowns in our office!

Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are tried and true for those baby teeth that have large decay. We offer stainless steel crowns for strong protection and durability of broken-down teeth and can even place these silver crowns on baby teeth as a minimally invasive/drill-free option known as the Hall Crown Technique.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver is antimicrobial, and fluoride promotes remineralization. In pediatric dentistry, we use them together in the form of silver diamine fluoride (SDF). It is a liquid medicine applied to cavities that allows them to arrest and remineralize. SDF is a great alternative especially for those kids that are too young or too wiggly to sit for traditional dental treatment.

Nerve Therapy

When a cavity is deep enough or close to the nerve of the tooth, nerve therapy may be indicated. When this happens, medication is applied either directly or indirectly to the nerve of the tooth. Our office utilizes the best medicaments with the highest success rate to preserve these teeth as long as possible.


Tooth extractions may be indicated for a tooth that is severely decayed, infected, over-retained, fractured, or for orthodontic purposes. Our office makes these “tooth wiggles” as easy-peasy as possible!

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride helps to remineralize teeth and keep teeth strong and protected from cavities! We offer yummy-tasting fluoride treatments that are allergen-free!

White Spot Treatment

White spots may develop on teeth or may have been there from the start. Regardless of the cause, we offer treatment options to restore a smooth and natural looking appearance of the teeth!

Teeth Whitening

We offer in-office and professional take-home whitening treatments for our teen patients to make smiles brighter.

Sports Mouth Guards

Mouth guards and recommended and encouraged for most sports. Protect those teeth with a custom mouth guard. Our office offers a variety of mouth guard options depending on individual needs.

Child-Friendly Sedation

Our office offers nitrous-oxide known as “laughing gas” to make appointments easy and comfortable. It is a safe and very effective form of in-office sedation and can make any procedure feel easy even for the anxious or nervous child.

Hospital Dentistry

For children requiring dental treatment under general anesthesia, we offer options for treatment in a hospital setting.

Special Needs Care

Our office is equipped to welcome and treat all children - even those who are medically complex or those who need extra compassion and care to get through a dental visit.

Trauma and Emergencies

Traumas and emergencies happen when they are inconvenient! We offer same-day emergency care to help you and your child back to feeling better as quickly as possible.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers may be needed if a tooth is lost too early due to decay or trauma. They can be fabricated chair-side or using a digital impression. These are usually semi-permanent and if needed, we will show you how to keep them as clean as possible!

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